Saturday, January 5, 2013

FTU - In The Garden

This tutorial was written by me on January 5th, 2013 Please do not claim as your own. Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

Scrap Kit -  FTU Scrap Kit called A Day In The Garden by Designs by Vaybs
You can download it here

Font Of Choice 

Tube Of Choice - I used the artwork of elias chatzoudis. You must have the proper license to use his work. You can find the tube here

Program - Gimp 2.6..but any program will do.



Open New Canvas
I did can resize it at the end

Open These Elements and use the same dropshadow as above. 

Element 14
Element 13
Element 15
Element 3
Element 17 (Duplicate 1x)
Element 28
Element 31
Element 4

Open up your tube and place it in the middle
Now cut part of your tube and place in the middle of frame2 and change to grain merge. 

Now dropshadow your elements with these settings.

Filters, Light And Shadows...DropShadow
Offset X - 9
Offset Y - 9
Blur Radius - 15
Opacity - 67
Color - #000000
Allow Resizing

Now resize your tag to 600x600

When you are happy with your tag..
Add Copyright!!
Add Name!!
Merge All Layers!

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial. If you have done any of my tutorials, I would love to see your results. 
You may send them to


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