Monday, February 13, 2017

Out Of Retirement

I have decided I would come out of retirement for a bit. I will not be making any templates, wordarts or scrapkits for awhile until I can get back into the tagging world full time. My kits are still at Pics For Design and will stay up there until further notice.

I am just on two forums and that is The Taggers Lounge and Creative Chicks. Real life is still kinda crazy, so don't want to over due it too much. Started having trouble with my blood pressure, so i'm going to take it easy with jus two forums for now. My tutorials will still be available for your use. I will not be taking anything down from this blog. I will be tagging just for the fun for now.

Its been almost a year and a half since I opened my design its going to take some time to get use to it again.

- Pamela
Redefined Designs

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